We produce special products for each of our Anatolian branded products developed by our R&D and  P&D  experts with very special formulas. In this context, Anatolian International, which crowns the quality of the products we offer with many certificates and analysis reports, is rapidly advancing towards its goal of becoming a global brand with its products registered for the first time in the world and with its innovative production strategy. We broke new ground by including substances such as boron, ozone and stevia in the content of our products.

We continue to work and grow by producing natural products with the principles of respect, trust, belief and cooperation that we dedicate ourselves to. Anatolian International was established on October 12, 2017. Today, we are honored to serve more than 50,000 satisfied users in 20 different countries.

“Kindness Is In Our Nature…”


We continue on our way by adding new values every day. Our principle, which aims to protect human health in the domestic and foreign markets, is the reason for our company's existence. With the motivation of "Happy team, great work", we continue to be a professional institution that is reasonable, respectful to people and nature. 


Therefore, we set out to create health and happiness for people first.  In our opinion, the most valuable issue in the world is human health.  We were established with the principle of "We will not produce any product that our children cannot use". We set out to protect human health by producing completely natural products.


By designing our Network Marketing plan professionally, we aimed to be a global Establishment with an understanding based on continuous development, teamwork, professional management approach, keeping up with technological developments and the views of our target audience.